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From 0.40 to 2.00 mm.
The melamine edge varies depending on the weight of the paper, from 0.35 mm to 0.40 mm.
Merino Componentes has a wide range of shades and structures, which is constantly being expanded through new creations and designs. Quality control checks are constantly carried out to ensure that the product complies with the established standards. The checks are carried out using suitable instruments (spectrophotometer, light chamber) and in accordance with the applicable standards. Counter-types and imitations of the samples provided by the customer can be produced in a short period of time.

We can supply practically any printed melamine edgebanding, as we have important contacts with the main printed paper producers and board manufacturers at national level.

Merino Componentes is able to imitate the structures of the usual laminates and coated boards in the sector. The lacquering, which is particularly resistant to solvents, is checked for gloss and perfect adhesion by means of suitable instruments (gloss meter and adhesion tester).

Various finishes are available for the melamine edges. The level of gloss can also be varied, and the edges are also available with a lacquer finish.

PVC and ABS edges are treated on the back side with a thoroughly tested polymer primer, which results in a perfect bonding with polyamide and polyurethane EVA glue.

The melamine edges can be pre-glued and cut to the desired length. Also available in blister packs

In cardboard boxes suitable for preserving the quality of the product.
The tolerances corresponding to the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the product and the supply are certified and guaranteed in the form “Technical specifications for the supply of thermoplastic/paper edgebanding” issued and updated by Merino Componentes and made available to the customer